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Blog posts, marketing materials, case studies, email newsletters — the list never shrinks.

Is your desk piled high with writing projects due yesterday?

Maybe your company blog keeps getting shuffled to tomorrow’s to-do list.

So much content to write, so little time!

Even worse, your content suffers from “boringitis”.

Does your content all exist in the third person? No one just wants a list of all your credentials.

They want to know what YOU can do for THEM.

Potential clients won’t read a bunch of “legaleze” or business jargon.

Are you lacking case studies and client success stories?

A well-told story stops a potential client from just clicking on by. We never outgrow stories.

Suddenly you become more credible because YOU helped someone solve a problem that was just like your reader’s problem.

It’s time to polish up your web-copy and marketing materials.

Listening, learning, and telling YOUR story is my “superpower”.

See my research process here: How I Write

You can rest easy knowing you have more time to focus on what you love best — helping your clients.

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